9x18 | I love how loyal Brennan’s squints are

Two arms around me, heaven to ground me, and a family that always calls me home,
Four wheels to get there, enough love to share and a sweet sweet sweet song.
At the end of the day, Lord I pray, I have a life that’s good.
Requested by Innie

Sometimes it’s hard to do the right thing. Especially when you really, really don’t want to. But maybe it’s okay. Anyone can say, “I’m sorry Mindy for catfishing you with the man of your dreams.” It takes a real man to march around Manhattan visiting every place Meg Ryan ever laugh-cried. And I get to see New York through her eyes, and man was it white. But it wasn’t so bad, it was kinda nice. And I got to show her a little bit of my New York. And I think she liked it. 

It’s pretty clear she loves you

Make me choose:» babycoffee001 asked JJ or Prentiss?

“You can chose teaching her that, yes, there are monsters, and it’s okay to be afraid of them. But it’s not okay to let them win, and it’s not okay to be one.”